Flying in Alaska is special, and with over 20 years flying in the state and a love of the adventures that can be had here, Carol is your guide and instructor for your special trip or to help you reach a new goal for your flying. A lifelong Alaskan, Carol has flown everything from Super Cubs on glaciers to a Gulfstream III to the farthest tip of the Aleutians. She has flown off airport on wheels, skis and floats, to gravel bars, mountain tops, ocean and lakes, and has been a pilot for cargo, medevac, aerial survey and photography, a regional airline, air taxi for lodges, and executive transport. The work and play has taken her to every corner of Alaska.

“Alaska holds so many adventures accessible by plane, that it would take several lifetimes to do them all once-but let’s try!” – Carol Zerbe

Northbound Flying Service 

Lake Hood Seaplane Base and Strip, Anchorage, Alaska 

(907) 350-6607  northboundak@gmail.com