Student Snapshot

First Solo
A non-white shirt?! Cold day for a backless shirt!

Nothing beats that first solo feeling! Except maybe the feeling after a great check ride. If I could bottle that up I’d be a millionaire. Congrats Zack on completing your solo requirements – you are well on your way to private pilot! Here’s what Zack has to say about his experience so far:

“Training with Carol has been an absolute privilege. Not only do I get personalized instruction from a 10,000+ hour Alaskan pilot who has flown everything from a J3 to a G3, but I’ve also been guided along the path of aircraft ownership. My first airplane has been laced with nuances, growing pains, and oddities that I feared would annoy my CFI. Instead, she has taken the bull by the horns and guided me through the challenges of aircraft ownership all while demonstrating great patience in identifying how to handle my plane’s unique challenges. I feel especially lucky to learn from someone who has done it all rather than someone who has recently just learned it all at a flight school. You can’t buy experience. Every time I fly with Carol, that experience comes out as pieces of sage advice that I’m confident will help keep me out of trouble as long as I’m climbing into the cockpit.”